Let's teach our littles that what they believe, they become & the possibilities are endless when they believe in themselves.

We hear all the time as adults how the power of positive thinking can change your life. Mindset is our greatest superpower. “The Man who says he can, and the man who says he cannot... Are both correct” - Confucius. We also hear as parents that certain personality traits in our kids will be set by age 5, and a combination of your daily habits determines success. What we have been missing is a product that truly focuses on enhancing the confidence of kids at an early age through a series of daily habits. A product that will remind them everyday how INCREDIBLE and WORTHY they are. Something that shapes their mindset and perception of themselves to be so strong, that no matter what life throws their way - they never lose sense of their self-worth. 

We believe that after a few weeks of consistency, by reading these affirmations once a day with your children, you will notice a shift in how they view and believe in themselves... unlocking endless amounts of potential and possibilities. 

We hope you enjoy and benefit from these cards as much as we have!


Affirmations for Children can benefit all children, however they were created in hopes of boosting the self esteem and confidence levels in children who may be having a difficult time seeing their self worth and value. 

So many factors can affect the self esteem and confidence of a child: 

  • Divorce / Change in the Family Dynamic

  • Life Changing Events, such as:

    • Loss of a Parent or Family Member

    • Moving to a New Place 

  • Trauma or Abuse

  • Developmental Delays, such as:

    • Physical

    • Emotional

    • Cognitive

    • Communication

    • Social

  • Toxic Relationships / Influences ​

In each of these situations, positive reinforcement can have significant impact on a child. If you tell a child, who no longer views themselves as valued and worthy, that they are in fact each of those things - and you tell them every day, consistently... they are going to start believing it. That is our goal. We want to help re-shape their mindset by providing a resource that will have them start believing in themselves again. 

What we believe, we become... & the possibilities are endless when you believe in yourself! 




We've been doing these each night after bath time, and have noticed an impact on my daughter and also on my husband and I. Thank you!